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VCH Onboarding

When redesign of Regional Online Orientation we questioned everything including the name of the program. The initial idea was to create a simple but attractive landing page. We mocked up an idea of displaying VCH space/s with VCH staff and patients. A composition aims...

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New Manager Orientation

overviewThis was the first project where we reinvented landing page of a program in Moodle ( Learning Management System). Part of the strategy was to incorporate Personas representing a diverse ethnicity, gender and age to be inclusive of all.  We were limited to four...

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Respectful Workplace

Role: Lead designer Applied: UXD, IxD, UI, Motions Graphic, Photography Application: Illustration, Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Audition Design Concept As a designer an ongoing challenge is to find intuitive and optimal solutions to everyday interaction. Most...

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Evaluation Form

Problem Statement: At VCH new Evaluation Forms collect user feedback for each course to verify quality of the design and curriculum. The evaluation form is an optional activity. The task is to design an anchor image and an icon. To get more people to engage in these...

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RH Birth Centre

Client's problem statement: The current tour that is provided by the Richmond Hospital Birth Centre is offered once a week on Thursdays from 2 – 3 pm. This tour is limited to 10 couples as space is limited. Having the tour during work hours in the week means that a...

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