Educator Pathway - VCH - 2018
As a lead designer, created the storyboard for this video, photographed. I did the composition and post-production in Adobe After Effects and sound FX in Adobe Audition.
I also coached a Junior designer/colleague through the storyboard and photography.
CDMNCP - VCH - 2018
Chronic Disease Management Nurse Coordinator Program Info Video
Recruitment Video - DTES Vancouver - VCH - 2017
The DTES – Downtown Eastside Integrated Health Services required a recruitment video initiative that would communicate the atmosphere/umwelt in which its services reside and recruit healthcare professionals across healthcare with the unique skills and mindset.

In collaboration with two bright staff from recruitment this project was a success. In less than two weeks, it was storyboarded, filmed including 3 days of post-production. I did co-storyboard, film, lighting, video and audio post-production. In addition I was assisting two new hires job shadow.

Client Satisfaction:

“It’s a rarity that this kind of fluid collaboration exists on a project. It was textbook execution! I can’t thank you and your team enough. Everyone had their role and contributed to the success of the video.
After sharing it with the healthcare staff and managers we filmed this morning, they said it brought literal tears to their eyes. Talk about a glowing review!”

– Ian

Road show info video, DTES Vancouver - VCH - 2017

The DTES Integrated Health Service model changes would impact the Staff once implemented. A road show was in the plan to inform and prepare staff with the transition. This video was one of the strategies to provide a high-level overview of LAP roadshows and job Fairs to inform staff and increase attendance.  Although some of the content could have been edited shorter. The challenge was to make a rather dry content visually interesting.

I proposed a visual strategy of having part of the story/information be told by the staff to show autonomy and creative relatedness.

  1. We choose a message that reflected the idea of the staff. And composed it so that one story was told by all – different people saying a part of the story and together make it whole.
  2. During the shoot we asked staff how they felt and if they wanted to share their thought. This organic composition was included in the end of the video. We also included some of the key messages that Staff wanted to share

Type : New Manager Orientation – VCH;- Nov 2016

Type : New Manager Orientation – VCH;- Nov 2016

Quilt Spring Collection Staff Training Video - Mar 2016
This was a second project I did for Quilt in collaboration with a colleague. These videos were used to inform staff of upcoming products, inspire staff to use some of the language when communicating to customers and increase staff engagement.

During the shoot an opportunity arose for us to improvise. We pitched the concept of having Ross, the designer, disappear at the end of a product line. The final video was a success and increased staff engagement.

I filmed some of the scenes and choreographed a few others.  I did the video and audio post-production.

Type : QE Kids Staff Training Video;- Mar 2016

Respectful Workplace project - Oct 2015
During a reshoot of Respectful Workplace videos for a VCH online module an opportunity arose to use a GoPro Camera and capture time-lapse of the production. The plan was to edit this with some other footages on my spare time – off work. But when my manager the work in progress, he recognized the value and made it a project. But there was value in showcasing this video as a behind the scene production. It gave staff insight on some of the effort that went into this project since rarely do organizations spend time capturing the process. This was the first of its kind.  The video also resides with the online module.

I composed filmed all the video footage, composed the music in Reason and did all the post production.
(you will see me in the video with my colleague)

Type : Respectful Workplace Advertisement;- Oct 2015

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