I think of design as a language. And in the process of understanding the language one can have the opportunity to learn more about people, behavior, perceptions, needs, wants, desire, tendencies, culture, technology, cause and effect. In this process if fortunate to grow one can impact his/her surrounding in a positive way and can be impacted in return. Complex projects require systematic deconstruct, collaboration, use of methods and methodologies, identifying touch point interaction, and innovating opportunities rather than just solving problems.

Design is part of my Lifestyle. Where there is a problem or an unmet need, there is an opportunity to observe, understand, intervene, innovate, change and improve. I have studied design Interdisciplinary, integrating and synthesizing methods & methodologies from different disciplines, to better understand the complexity and context of projects. During the past 10 years I have done Graphic Design, User Interface Design (UI), Interaction Design (IxD), User Experience Design (UXD) , Branding, Videography, Audiography, Motion Graphics, and Photography.

I am Ahssan Moshref. Peace be upon you.


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