vil & ood is my brand, my playground. The place where I experiment, break rules and lose myself. Here I learn how to innovate opportunities before solving problems. Here I can let and idea sit and age with elegance before giving it form. Here I enjoy all the success and endure all the suffering. Here I learn how to walk.

I started this project part time in 2007, I wanted to create something positive and unique and at the same time give myself the opportunity to explore, discover and challenge innovation, design and implementation. Both its success and its failure are the outcome of my time, effort and work put into this project from an early stage of concepts and character development to designing website, writing stories, branding product, making products, advertising and finally selling and getting feedback from the consumers. I am still growing and still learning and so is the brand.

Each year the brand is participating in an exhibition and this combination of working under a deadline and delivering something fresh to the consumers places challenges to question old ideas and produce new tangible ones. I did this for 3 consecutive years and each exhibition was better than the previous one. Then my application for the 4th year got rejected for “ridiculous reasons”. I send the products to my cousin in Cali and decide to take a year off. Now I am focusing on the next phase.

Identity can inspire and guide a cohort to work towards a specific goal and branding is a form of identity that allows recognition and can build trust and a sense of belonging among those who share that identity.


I programmed the following website with basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.



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