user experience (UX)

VCH Onboarding

When started working on redesign of Regional Online Orientation we questioned everything including the name of the program. The initial idea was to create simple but attractive landing page. We mocked up a idea of displaying VCH space/s with VCH staff and patients. A...

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natural none-smoker app

Freelance Project The client, Amanda Yen, founder of Natural None-Smoking app, contracted me as a graphic designer. Although I was tasked to bring the User Interface to life, in the process of trying understand the wire-frame, I identified strategies that could...

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Wire Frame

Problem: At VCH, when Moodle was implemented as a Learning Management System (LMS) in 2009, the interfaces for content was not very user friendly. Two years later, with the new Moodle version, our IT team figured out how to give us CSS access to customize the....

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