Music allows me to explore and discover new ways to interpret, connect, and create. It allows me to expand my creativity, create complex forms in harmony outside of the context of music. It allows me to be in trans.


How did i learn to compose music?

I guess through High School and even later through University  when iPod came out, i could not afford to buy one. I used to take public transportation a lot (and still do) and so I had a lot of time to wait. And I used to Beatbox and make music in my head. I would run an entire composition. The benefit of not being able to afford technology. The challenge was of course to recreate the instruments that sounded so great in my head.I started composing music first with a software called Sebelius around 1998. I downloaded a cracked .. i mean Student version and composed a few of my Music.  But I was told it was very MIDI like and I soon learned it to be true. You only sometimes learn by comparison. My Design Teacher Assistant was also into music and left me with a copy of Reason back in 2006. Did not do much until about 3 or 4 years later. I can not play instruments. But I can compose a scene.

This composition was inspired by avatar. Yet in my mind I pictured planet Earth and its wonders.
This composition was inspired by The mystery curiosity, suspense and War aspect of Games of Thrones.


I been thinking of a scenery: A storm is clearing, driving in nature, along empty road, at end there is light, sunshine, hope, destination.

Composition for a Stop motion project.

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