The ask:

The Regional Online Orientation (ROO) was outdated and over the course of a decade double in time. It took users over 8 hr to complete. Users were asking for a more user friendly access and experience. The organization covered only for 4 hrs of orientation time and required the course to go back to that length. 

The approach

The New Orientation was modeled based on the 4 pillars of the STIR Model ( Socialize, Train, Inform and Resource) 


When we redesigned When redesign of Regional Online Orientation we questioned everything including the name of the program. The initial idea was to create a simple but attractive landing page. We mocked up an idea of displaying VCH space/s with VCH staff and patients. A composition aims to entail little stories and in it capture the brand and culture of VCH.

Role: Lead designer

Applied: UXD, IA, IxD, UI, Brand Identity

Application: Whiteboard, Illustrator, WordPress


Initial Wireframes

Brand Logo

The Program, VCH Onboarding, is a centralized immersive platform to welcome new VCH hires with content to socialize, train, inform, and provide the resources required for orientation.

We are looking for a single common denominator that we can pull out from the curriculum, the vision statement, and the name to design a visual element to brand its identity.

What stands out is the word “Centralized” (form the vision statement) or “Coastal” (from VCH Onboarding) inclusive of everyone. What also stands out is the word “Orientation”. This concept of new hire orienting themselves across Vancouver Coastal Health in all its dimensions whether it’s navigating through space, policy and regulations, practices and organizational culture is one of the key function of VCH Onboarding.

We are playing with the word C and changing it to a map marker icon. It is a map marker icon tilted 90 degree ccw with a section cut out to yiled the legibility of the letter “C”. Or a letter C stylized to look like a map marker icon. Coincidentally, it also point like an error to words the letter “H” (Health) that the orientation is geared towards Health Care.

Font Type: Proxima Nova Bold

Interface Design

The true story of we ended up creating a 360 is best left untold. But in two month time, In a team of 4 we created a 360 environment with 3 exploratory environments. Each was edited, stylized and populated with characters. We ran focus groups to test usability of the first prototype. The took the feedback and improved the design. Further IxD and UX was applied to create a more user-friendly experience.

I love the transformation of the space into and the interactivity that we came up with. And I preferred using it as a abstract page without the click an drag interaction. I struggle to feel comport in the 360 interaction.  For a landing page the 360 is a very heavy form of presentation and it is disconnected in style from the actual module.

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