Client’s problem statement:

The current tour that is provided by the Richmond Hospital Birth Centre is offered once a week on Thursdays from 2 – 3 pm. This tour is limited to 10 couples as space is limited. Having the tour during work hours in the week means that a lot of couples are not able to make it. The tour is only available in English and this also limits our audience. We are hoping that an online virtual tour will provide a good overview of the services that the Birth Centre provides and make both the mother and partner more at ease when coming to have their baby at our facility. Our goals is to have a tour that is accessible by all the families that are planning on delivering their babies with us. The virtual online tour will be user friendly, informative and comforting to our expecting mothers and their families.


Process and approach: 


Complex projects require systematic analysis. Anyone jumping into a project and neglecting this fact will deliver a product with service solutions not rendered.  For this project I was tasked with the creative freedom to deliver a high standard product.


Create a mental picture. The foundation is important.
To get a mental picture of a 25 page story, the story required deconstruction. The entire narration (script) was displayed on the wall. The script yield into 5 sequential categories/columns. Each column was assessed individually. All columns were compared to each other for overlap, pattern, and style. The script was intensively edited, repetitions omitted, and information rearranged to create better overall flow – more effective. As the project progressed, the content transformed. The wall was updated with new versions of the narration. After 3 to 4 revisions a draft of the video was sent to all stakeholders and 3rd party affiliates for one last revision.

Challenge function and form.
Design means validating the information by questioning the logic of it. For example, in one instance, the narration was instructing patients to take a particular path which was complicated and more time-consuming. A map was sketched to illustrate flow and the client agreed to change patient flow as a result.

It also mean’s questioning one’s own performance and production quality. It means searching for better solutions. I had to look at a few tutorials to produce the visual effects for the motion graphics.

Communication is an important part of the process.
Maintaining clear channels of communication from the start of the project between Stakeholders, Manager and anyone that is involved in the project during its cycle is crucial. Everyone has to report to someone and needs to be kept in the loop.  I started using taxonomy and applied different color tags to paragraphs to indicate their status.  This did not only help me but also informed my manager of the progress and any changes.



This project was the outcome of great collaboration between Staff, patients, and everyone else that made their contribution.  5 videos were developed in English. To serve the geographic target audience of Richmond hospital, these videos were later translated also in Mandarin and Cantonese by an outside company. The scoped design solution included a website but I was asked to pass the project to VCH communication. VCH communication executed the following one page solution:  “VCH Birth Centre” .


Client: Vancouver Coastal Health, Richmond Hospital – Birth Centre

Project Sponsors: Shoppers Drug Mart.

Hours spend: 330 hours +110 hr volunteer work.

Role: I was Project Lead and worked on all aspects: developing design solutions through brand strategies, design strategy, interactive strategy, content strategy, storyboard, film, illustration, motion graphics, post-production, client and 3rd party communication.

Equipment and tools: Canon FX100, DSLR camera, GOPro HD. Adobe Master collection

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