Role: Lead designer

Applied: UXD, IxD, UI, Motions Graphic, Photography

Application: Illustration, Photoshop, Premier,

After Effects, Audition


Design Concept

As a designer an ongoing challenge is to find intuitive and optimal solutions to everyday interaction. Most people do not push the boundaries of experience. Some ideas and solutions are of course limited within the framework of the technology we work with. But within that framework there is still a lot of room to be creative and imaginative.

The Patter of the interface changed a few times from geometric symmetric rectangles to a more abstract pattern of rectangles of different sizes.

 Design Solutions

VCH Respectful Workplace is an interactive, engaging, crisp, and short course designed to provide tools on how to deal with bullying and identify the behavior and find ways to address it. The content is presented through five scenarios. Each Scenario has a follow up question and video feedback. 

 Behind the scene film setup

So people have little knowledge of how much work goes on behind the scene. Yet it is the little sacrifice, the style of story telling, the ingenuity of the design, the collaboration, trust, respect and commitment of the people behind the scene that make a project successful. Here is a glimpse of the work behind the scene for the Respectful Workplace Project.


During one of our film setups I used a GoPro to capture it a time-lapse. The photos were then complied in Premier with additional video footage. I composed the soundtrack in Reason, created custom sound effects in Adobe Audition. This video gave staff insight on some of the effort that went into this project since rarely do organizations spend time capturing the process. This was the first of its kind. The video also resides with the online module.


Promo ad for Respectful Workplace advertised on VCH News

The message was put together by ID and VCH Communication. The content was re-purposed from the module to brand and make it cost efficient. I composed the music in Reason and used After Effects to connect the visual rhythm to the beat.


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