I kept going back to the first time I laid my eyes on a smart car that drove by. I often questioned myself if others who were seeing a smart car for the first time would have felt identically. The first time I saw one, it was mesmerizing, like out of this world. This illustration is capturing that feeling.

In the “culture of mass” there is a perception that “big is better”, “big is stronger”, “big, bigger and biggest”. After all, this is what the “Industry of BIG” has told people through strong, visual, and catchy propaganda: a mentality that is more often stylized than practical. In a city where space is at large, and things are built with the idea of big and bigger, space is often taken for granted.
But cities are transforming to dense cities and lifestyle change demands change for products that are tailored to the individuals needs. It is in these aspects that smart distinguishes itself from other cars. It was during my study in Italy where I realized the respect a smart car has of space. Both the space it occupies and the space it gives to its surrounding.



My goal was to communicate ‘smart’ as a lifestyle that demands simplicity, class, and sustainability yet flexible products for the youthful and style-conscious. How do we design a catchy, humorous advertisement with a touch of truth, and all together a smart message that brings out the best of smart? The question that leads to the problem statement of this project is not “why is a smart car smart?” but “why is a smart car smarter?”



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