Design Problem Statement
Lean required a Brochure to promote its Online and In class education under the title “Lean Education”.
The problem was that Under the umbrella of “Management Development Lean and Learning Technologies”, creating an individual brand for Lean is not part of the Strategy that has been set by Directors. Yet a department, with its own set of unique service solutions requires a brand identity. How do we communicate the essence of Lean through Brand of the Brochure?
Stagnation kills an organization and Lean is everything but Stagnation. How do we design an identity for Lean that shows flexibility but not deviation? How do we communicate Lean’s true nature?

Concept Design and Concept Strategy

Although the initial concept was to create a logo that represented the idea of continuous improvement.The Lean team votes for a design that is more polished and less sketch looking. the small pencil, symbolic to Lean process, is a good visual icon on the Lean Brochure. The color of it matching the yellow color of the process in the 4 P model is pure coincidence.

The typography yields simplicity and creativity. It uses the negative space to create the stem of the letter “E” and displays the cross bar of the letter “A” at the bottom. The gradient complementary cool color transition creates a sens of freshness, transition and change.  Overall it is enlightening and a reflection of the nature of Lean.

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